The Devices

All have been joyous at one point but soon nothing but disappoint.......-ment!


The most locked down device I've ever had to deal with. This device is so easily bricked, I don't even want to try to customize it. On the bright side though, it is a pretty sleek and fast device just stock. I'd love to mod it though. Maybe someone will eventually figure it out. But, with how quick these things age, I'm not certain. OMG, the battery-life on this device has made me rethink what I require in any device going forward.

""She could probably derail a train. She could probably turn a train into a talking duck."

HTC Evo 3D

I still play around with this one. Takes 3D video and photos; and I can watch 3D content. Pretty gimmicky but very cool. This device still low on RAM for what it can do but had dual core processor so anything was possible!

Supa-dupa sanka wanka!

HTC Hero

My first cool phone. After a while, had to root to remain usable. HTC Sense UI was to much for such a weak device: poor processor and low RAM. CyanogenMOD made this device awesome. Ran script to send internal apps and data to external storage and overclocked CPU to the max. Built own AOSP for it too.

CHicka CHicka!!

Motorola Droid OG

Never had this device on contract nor when it was one of the top non-Apple devices on the market. This was kicked down to me by my father so I could tear it up!! Cool phone in it's day; if not the best.