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Mapping Utah Avalanches

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The area of study is reserved to the Wasatch range to the southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah. The other data I was planning on using for this study is unavailable for public dissemination. And due to time restraints, I will not be able to analyze this data as thoroughly as I would have liked to or was planning on. I will update as time permits.

Study Area Locator Map

Study Area Locator Image Thumb

This map is showing avalanche path data with graduated circles per sq. ft. of area.

graduated symbol map

This map is showing path data by length with proportional symbols and those symbols are excluding return intervals of less than frequent.

thumb image of same mountains but mapped by frequency

This map is showing path length data by proportinal symbols.

proportional symbol map

This is a map showing path length data with graduated symbols.

map of length by graduated symbol

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